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The Space Between |the beginning and the end|


Eluvia, a band out of Beijing, China, deliver a rootsy acoustic based sound with hints of rock, reggae, alt-country, blended with Chinese folk and underpinned by a solid foundation of rhythm and groove.

Vocals, Guitar / Doug McGee
Guitar, Keys, Bass / Ben Whitmore
Bass, Banjo, Mandolin / Chris Gaertner
Hammer Dulcimer / Ting Ting
Drums / Jason Coffey


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The Space Between The Beginning And The End

by Eluvia

The Space Between The Beginning And The End marks Eluvia's first studio album.

Eluvia works alongside artists in the international city of Beijing. Though still in the genre of Folk-Rock, Eluvia blends in elements of China with the Yang Qin (Hammer Dulcimer), and the stringed Erhu. Mongolian throat singing has even found it's way into the album on the track "Loved".